LOUMED Framework

Institutional Planning

Louisville, KY

REIMagining the heart of loumed

Medical complexes struggle to establish a public realm that is safe, inviting, and easy to navigate. Their existing urban setting often precludes attention to the connective tissue – the streets, sidewalks and public spaces – which can enable a stronger identity to emerge. In addition, campuses benefit from a central gathering space. LOUMED currently has no such signature space; the framework is dispersed. Lacking a common gathering spot makes it more challenging to identify the district “center” and orient people to campus-wide activities such as food trucks, events, or active recreation. However, there is an opportunity along Chestnut Street, the east-west campus spine, where three of the four institutions maintain a presence adjacent to a centrally-located (but vacant) building. LOUMED Gardens would create a new central gathering space for the city, district, and surrounding communities.