Zollinger’s Building

Adaptive Reuse


  • Slate/Urban Improvement Company


  • Urban Improvement Company
  • Porter Fanna
  • Booker Design Collaborative
  • Choice One Engineering
  • omloop

The Challenge

Vacant for a generation, the Zollingers Building is a nationally-registered historic structure. The former wholesale warehouse was built with poured-in-place concrete and lays out well for conversion to mixed-use. However, the fenestration is small by today’s standards. The east façade, facing the river, is a blank party wall.


The building’s repositioning adds a contemporary, three-story addition that re-orients the main entry towards the river, increasing daylight while negotiating a change in grade.

The Results

The project’s financing is enabled through a wide variety of state and federal subsidies.

Wagon concourse

Concrete column grid