Switch House Lofts

Adaptive Reuse


  • Town of Braintree (Phases I/II)
  • Winn Development / Arch Communities (Phase III)


  • Klopfer Martin Design Group
  • RSE Associates
  • Porter/Fanna
  • omloop
  • Farr North
  • Weston&Sampson
  • Vanesse&Associates
  • Marinelli Law Office
  • Shaffer & Associates

The Challenge

The site of a former coal-firing power plant along the Montiquot River has been vacant for over 25 years, its redevelopment stymied by a lack of vision surrounding the property’s reuse and neighborhood concerns about density and a lack of waterfront access.


The development plan combines building rehabilitation with new construction, placing the bulk of parking below the buildings and framing views towards the water.

The Results

An affordable housing development partner has been selected. The final plan incorporates 55 apartments and a publicly-accessible riverwalk.

View Over Screen House Pavilion

View of Plaza From Allen Street