Providence Rapid Bus Line

Corridor Plan


  • City of Providence Department of Planning and Development
  • The Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism
  • Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)


  • Klopfer Martin Design Group
  • Dreeszen & Associates
  • Roll Barresi & Associates

  • 2014 Paul Davidoff Award, American Planning Association Rhode Island

    Image Credits: Christian Phillips Photography

The Challenge

Bus stops along public transportation corridors are seldom more than esoteric shelters quite distinct from the geography upon they reside. However, as important nodes, they have the potential to better reflect the culture and people of the place.


Interpretative themes and artist guidelines were created which reinforce each corridor’s unique design and culture. A balance was sought between transit, wayfinding, advertising, and arts.

The Results

After an analysis of shelter components, the rear vertical surface was selected as the “canvas” for fabrication. Seventeen sites and artists/teams received a stipend.

Balancing art, advertising and transit

Each shelter interprets a theme