Crooked Handle Brewery

Adaptive Reuse


  • Crooked Handle Brewery


  • Urban Improvement Company
  • Porter Fanna
  • Booker Design Collaborative
  • Choice One Engineering
  • omloop
  • Denlinger Construction

The Challenge

American towns developed along transportation corridors like 19th-century canals. Once removed, industrial buildings along these infrastructures are in need of new economies. Uses change but a building’s form endures; the Piqua Granite building had previous lives as a car and motorcycle dealership, even a tavern.


The building entry is re-oriented, enabling the warehouse and showroom spaces to function separately while a continuous wall wraps around them and separates service zones.

The Results

Interior renovation of the 10,000sf building was completed in late 2022 followed by Lock Nine Park construction in 2023.

Revealing layers of the past

Warehouse event space