Shifting from a zero-sum game to a spectrum of possibilities

by Antonia Medina Abell Even before we set foot in Rochester, we were warned about the “Legends building”. If the name sounded fantastical, the details were far more pedestrian: a humble yellow-brick, one-story building (which we later discovered were two separate constructions, enmeshed in a maze of doors and insensitive renovations) from the Great Depression, […]

Enhancing the public realm of medical districts

by David Gamble, AIA AICP LEED AP Urban medical districts are places of sensory overload, with a wide variety of activities occurring at the same time: valet parking, people seeking out the emergency rooms, students racing to class, employees changing shifts, ambulance sirens wailing, patients being admitted and discharged, visitors seeking a cup of coffee […]

Wrapping the patina of the past

by Alyson Tanguay, collaborator with Gamble Associates Building uses change, but forms endure. This 10,000 square foot adaptive reuse project in Piqua, Ohio has had many lives. Over the last century, the structure has been a successful granite and marble tombstone business, a car dealership and motorcycle repair store, a barber shop, ladies hat retailer, […]