Connect. Reposition. Strengthen.

Connect downtowns and waterfronts.

We establish seamless connections between downtown areas and waterfronts, facilitating easy access and enhancing the overall urban experience for residents and visitors alike.

Reposition industrial into contemporary.

We breathe new life into abandoned former industrial areas, converting them into thriving centers of economic activity. Through innovative design and strategic planning, we unlock their potential, creating dynamic spaces that drive growth and community revitalization.

Strengthen urban campuses.

Our urban design strategies empower institutions to cultivate vibrant environments within their campuses. Through innovative approaches, we create spaces that inspire collaboration, enhance learning experiences, and nurture a thriving community of students, faculty, and staff.

who we are

Gamble Associates is an architecture, urban design, and planning firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that focuses on community redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization.

What we do

We work across scales.  By harmoniously blending architectural elements, public spaces, and cultural influences, we create dynamic urban experiences that engage the senses, foster social interaction and leave a lasting impact.
We understand the complex interplay between social, economic, cultural and environmental factors. We develop comprehensive urban planning strategies to thoughtfully shape urban spaces and be visually striking and enduring.
Uses change but a building’s form can endure.  We leverage the possibilities associated with vacant and underutilized properties and transform them into vibrant places that celebrate their unique character, forging a harmonious blend of past and present.

We dedicate ourselves to be diligent students of the places where we work. By blending design excellence, community needs and sustainable practices, we cultivate vibrant urban spaces that foster social interaction, fueling the prosperity of an area.

A well-designed campus plan is memorable.  We balance short-term incremental design and planning strategies with a vision of a long-term future that aligns with our client’s needs and promotes resiliency, community and connection.
Guidelines can thwart development if they are overly detailed, but criteria too loosely defined or hard to read results in a lack of capacity to effectuate change.  We craft guidelines (and standards) right-sized to the need and provide design review for compliance.

Methods of participatory planning need to be designed just as spaces and buildings can be.  We meet people where they are and utilize a broad range of engagement techniques to ensure projects and initiatives uplift the communities we serve.